Car Body Decoration Material /PVC Carbon Fiber


1) Very light, thin, but with excellent ductility and flexibility. 
2) 3D graphic contrast, hi-touch embossed finish, 3D-Effect, very stylish! 
3) High weather resistance to (acid rain, hailstone, heavy snow, sandstorm, etc). 
4) Water proof, UV and FR. 
5) Seamless for whole car wrapping. 
6) Can be applied to all the common car paints. 
7) The film is embossed, resembling. Reflect lights as your expectation and change highlights of the
     pattern depending on the viewing angle. 
8) Easy to clear with soap and water. 
9) Air bubble removal. Can be dry paste! 
10) High stretchable ability. Easy to apply on any surface. 
11) Filter harmful light ray.


1) Car decoration: can be dressed up car engine hood, steering wheel, empennage, trunks, any interior and 
    exterior surfaces of a car. Excellently meeting your expectation of unique decoration 
2) Change the color of your car in 2 days completely. 
3) Used for wrapping laptop, Ipad, mobile. 
4) Motorcycle decoration.

 Installation Tips:

 1) Clean the area thoroughly. Measure and place the sticker in the desired location. Put a piece of masking tape 
    on the sticker to hold it in place. Hint: For best results do not install the sticker in extreme heat or cold. surface 
    contaminants will cause imperfections. 
2) Lift the sticker up and peel the white paper backing off the sticker. Be careful not to pull the masking tape off. 
3) Slowly lower the sticker and rub it in place with a scratch board or similar item. Hints: Using a soft rubber 
    squeegee will help smooth out bubbles and wrinkles 
4) Wait a few minutes then slowly peel the clear cover off at an angle. Be very careful not to pull the sticker off 
    the surface. If the sticker pulls away from the surface repeat step 3.