Backlit Film & PET Film
1)PVC backlit Film is very flexible. PET backlit Film is very straight and rigid. 
2)No curl, very flat surface. No shrinkage. 
3)Excellent printing result, present high-level advertising effect. 
1) Backlit film is used in small light box. 
2) PET banner film is mostly used in roll up and X-banner. 
Items and Specifications
Item Code Description Specification Standard Width(m)
SBF300 Eco-solvent PVC backlit film  weight: 300g  thickness: 200micron 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SBF300T Eco-solvent PET backlit film  weight: 300g  thickness: 220micron 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SBF260T Eco-solvent PET backlit film-Super White 260micron  0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SBF150 Water-based backlit film weight: 150g 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SPB330G-B    grey back Water proof grey back PET banner film PET film:330g 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52