PVC Tarpaulin is widely used for outdoor covering application. The main raw materials for PVC Tarpaulin is polyester and PVC(Polyvinyl chloride). In many cases, PVC Tarpaulin is colorful, like, green, red, blue, yellow, orange, etc… PVC Tarpaulin has very good tearing strength, peeling strength and tenacity. It could be done a lot of treatments, like: strong UV, FR, lacquered…. It could be used for awnings, tent, truck cover, inflatable products, architectural membrane. PVC Tarpaulin is 100% water-proof. It has excellent weather resistance. And can be weldable.
1.Widely used in many fields. 
2.Absolutely waterproof and sunlight blocking.  
3.Strong weather resistance.  
4.Super strong and durable. 
5.High intensity, excellent tenacity(flexibility), total weldable. 
6.Various color is acceptable. 
7.UV, FR, Lacquered, etc all available. 
1)Awnings and tent. 
2)Roof & Cargo storage. 
3) Truck cover. 
4) Inflatable products, like swimming pool, bouncy castle. 
5) Ventilation Ducts.
6) Architectural Membranes. 

1) Totally made of PE. 
2) Light and strong. 
3) Low cost. 
4) Easy application. 
5) Water proof, FR, tear proof, UV, anti-aging, weather resistance, anti-grass. 
1) Truck cover, Furniture Cover, Ground Cover, Greenhouse Cover. 
2) Food and cargo storage. . 
3) Outdoor Mat, Balcony Cover.  
Our Standards:  
1)Color fastness: standard ISO 105-E01:2013; ISO105-B02:1994; ISO105-X12: 2012
Chromatic aberration: class 3.5~4.5 or ≥class 4.5
2)Trapezoidal tear strength: maximum 300N. Standard ISO 9073-4: 2000
Tensile strength: maximum 1400N. 
Water pressure: reach 6000pa, standard ISO 1420: 2001 
3)Authentication: reach Rohs; EU Reach tested by SGS. 
4)Anti-aging: standard ISO4892-2; ASTM D2565; ASTM D4355. 
5)Fire resistant: pass class 5 or class 6 standard CPAI-84: 1995; reach Bfl-s1 standard EN 13501-1: 2007