Self adhesive Vinyl
Self-adhesive vinyl are widely used in digital printing, signs, advertisement, car decoration, vehicle graphic, window/door graphic and etc. With a rich product line, we can meet different customer‘s demand and requirement on quality and price. It has good weather fastness, ink absorption, and is very easy for application. The printable inks are solvent ink, eco solvent ink and uv inks.
1) Self adhesive vinyl is very soft and with good flexibility.  
2) Very easy application and excellent adhesion. 
3) Excellent price/performance ratio.
4) Good weather resistance.
5) Could be widely used on different kinds of surfaces. 
6) Vivid image expression. 
1) Vehicle advertising.
2) Window(glass wall) advertising.
3) Exhibition graphics.
4) Temporary promotional and point of sale advertising.
Cold Lamination Film: 
1) Flat and good looking. 
2) Well protection and waterproof. 
3) Last longer time. 
4) Make image more vivid. 
1) Any printed media protection in advertising field. 
2) Book & Package Lamination.
One Way Vision: 
1)Give people high-grade feeling, still can see view outside. 
2)Not only could do advertising, but also keep some privacy. 
3)With removable adhesive, can be peeled off easily any time.
Applications for One Way Vision: 
1) Windows for cars & metro. 
2) Building Glass
1)PVC backlit Film is very flexible. PET backlit Film is very straight and rigid. 
2)No curl, very flat surface. No shrinkage. 
3)Excellent printing result, present high-level advertising effect. 
1) Backlit film is used in small light box. 
2) PET banner film is mostly used in roll up and X-banner. 
PP Synthetic Paper: 
1)PP synthetic mostly used for indoor advertising. 
2)Very low cost. 
3)It can be with adhesive. So can also laminate directly. 
1) Used on X-banner. Roll up. 
Wall Paper: 
1)High-grade quality. Remarkable visual enjoyment. 
2)Creating customized interior design in maximum extent. 
3)Glue is totally friendly to environment. All raw materials reach European standard for environment. 
4)No shrinkage. No bubble. 
5)Good stretch and tensile. 
6)Can be peeled off and re-stick many times. It is removable glue. 
1)Indoor decoration. 
2)Indoor& Outdoor advertising. 
3)Signs and billboard.  
1)Excellent Reflectivity, wide-angle vision. 
2)Behave well in severe weather. Last long time. 
3)Even in dark area, use the minimum cost to keep the safety. 
1) Traffic sign on highway and city road.
2) Signs in working area or construction site.
3) Signs in basement and parking lot. 
4) Various vehicle number plate. 
Car Wrap Vinyl/Carbon Fiber 
1)Car wrap vinyl & carbon fiber are good choice for car body decoration. 
2)Removable adhesive. Bubble free. 
3)Can be changed frequently. Let car in brand new appearance. 
4)Give very premium visual result. 
1) Car Body Decoration 
Window Film
1)Easy cutting, easy application. . 
2)Keep privacy. 
3)Mostly used on glass door and glass window.  
4)Give very premium visual result. 
1) Office indoor decoration.  
2) Home indoor decoration. 
3) Signs and advertising.