Reflective Sheeting
1)Excellent Reflectivity, wide-angle vision. 
2)Behave well in severe weather. Last long time. 
3)Even in dark area, use the minimum cost to keep the safety. 
1) Traffic sign on highway and city road.
2) Signs in working area or construction site.
3) Signs in basement and parking lot. 
4) Various vehicle number plate. 
Items and Specifications
Item Code Description Size (m)
SR3100   PET, Cutting Reflective Sheeting (advertising) 1.24X45.70 (3 years)
SR3200   Acrylic, Silk Screen Reflective Sheeting (advertising) 1.24X45.70 (3 years)
SR3500   PVC, Solvent Print Reflective Sheeting (advertising) 1.24X45.70 (3 years)
SR7200   Acrylic, Silk Screen Reflective Sheeting (engineering) 1.24X45.70 (7 years
SR1200   Acrylic,  Silk Screen Reflective Sheeting (High Intensity) 1.24X45.70 (10 years)
SR600     Acrylic,  Silk Screen Reflective Sheeting (Photolumiscent) 1.24X45.70 (7 years)
SR3400PC    Polycarbonate Reflective Sheeting (PC High Intensity) 1.24X45.70 (3-5 years)-eco solvent
SRM027    PVC, Eco-solvent Reflective vinyl-withseam(micro prismatic) 0.91/1.02/1.24/1.35/1.52X50 (3 years)