Decoration & Protection
Car Wrap Vinyl/Carbon Fiber 
1)Car wrap vinyl & carbon fiber are good choice for car body decoration. 
2)Removable adhesive. Bubble free. 
3)Can be changed frequently. Let car in brand new appearance. 
4)Give very premium visual result. 
1) Car Body Decoration 
Window Film
1)Easy cutting, easy application. . 
2)Keep privacy. 
3)Mostly used on glass door and glass window.  
4)Give very premium visual result. 
1) Office indoor decoration.  
2) Home indoor decoration. 
3) Signs and advertising. 
Items and Specifications
Item Code Description Specifications Standard Width(m)
CWV1500 Car Wrap Vinyl pvc film:110micron;release paper:140g 1.52
CWV1500 Car Wrap Vinyl pvc film:110micron;release paper:141g 1.52
SD-CWV3D Car Wrap Vinyl-3D (Cat Eye) pvc film:80micron;release paper:140g 1.52
SCF150A Carbon Fiber pvc film:120micron;release paper:140g 1.52
SCF150A Carbon Fiber pvc film:120micron;release paper:140g 1.52
SFG145 Floor graphics pvc film: 180micron;release paper: 140g 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SFG100 Floor graphics-twilled pvc film: 200micron;release paper: 120g 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SWF215 Window film-sand blast pvc film: 90micron;release paper: 100g 1.27
SWF311 Window film-frosted pvc film: 90micron;release paper: 100g 1.27
SWF2027 Window film-frosted  special grey color pvc film: 90micron;release paper: 100g 1.22
SD-PVC220-transluscent PVC soft film(220micron)-length: 100m Thickness: 220micron 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.20/2.50/2.80/3.20
SSC150 Static cling-transparent pvc film: 150micron;release paper: 180g 1.07/1.27
SSC151 Static cling-white pvc film: 150micron;release paper: 180g 1.07/1.27