Cold Lamination Film & One Way
Cold Lamination Film: 
1) Flat and good looking. 
2) Well protection and waterproof. 
3) Last longer time. 
4) Make image more vivid. 
1) Any printed media protection in advertising field. 
2) Book & Package Lamination.
One Way Vision: 
1)Give people high-grade feeling, still can see view outside. 
2)Not only could do advertising, but also keep some privacy. 
3)With removable adhesive, can be peeled off easily any time.
Applications for One Way Vision: 
1) Windows for cars & metro. 
2) Building Glass
Items and Specifications:
Item Code Description Micron Backing(Gsm) Glue Standard Width(m)
SCL090A(3D) Cold lamination film  3D 80 120 Clear, Permanent 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52
SCL811   Ourdoor Cold lamination film  ourdoor 80 120 Clear, Permanent 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52
SCL070 Cold lamination film 70 100 Clear, Permanent 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52
SCL060 Cold lamination film 60 70 Clear, Permanent 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52
SD-OWV150PET-UV One way vision(PET)-for UV ink 150 205 Clear, Removable 1.05/1.27/1.37/1.52
SD-OWV183A One way vision 140 140 Clear, Removable 0.98/1.06/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52
SD-OWV120A one way vision 120 120 Clear, Removable 0.98/1.06/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52