Entrepreneurship looks like a minority thing, it is not. From "creating a business" to "creating a business," we need to have a clearer understanding of entrepreneurship. We start a business, is to better the quality of life, to some extent, creating wealth is more valuable than the business.
In the face of China‘s massive demographic dividend, the best resource to share is "people." So today I talk about the topic of "community entrepreneurship", network sharing. Not to mention the virtual, the benefits of community entrepreneurship is that you do not have to start from scratch, have a certain basis, social animals - everyone in the community, everyone has a group of resources.
There are a lot of communities, but today I only talk about quality communities, that is, communities that are still able to stand out in the midst of recession and recession.
Behind the high quality community is a high quality seed, that is, a group leader and a group of friends with real influence and activity.
Quality community can not rely on several nagging connection, there will be a deeper internal connection, such as the interests of enterprises, friends and mutual feelings, the community ranked in the minds of friends, determines its value.
Is it true that many people say that "the community is dead" or that it has gotten too bad?
When a concept is well known, perhaps the bonus period has come to an end. The word community, is facing such a dilemma.
From Wu Xiaobo‘s book club, to logical thinking, the well-known community‘s business model is closer to the fictitious economy, and knowledge-based payment becomes the mainstream. E-commerce is just a trifle. If the world‘s enterprises are divided into two categories, one is to operate the product, the other is the operating channel, then, as long as a great company to do one thing enough. How many communities, because the channel attributes are too obvious, and the ability to control the product slightly less.
Because of all communities, there is no threshold for the community, and there is no bottom line in the commercialization of the community, so there are sky-filled ads, junk public articles, assortment of H5 and applets ... superfluous The information makes us feel overwhelmed. One of the most extreme is the micro-business.
The reason why everybody cried, no more than two reasons. The first is the product, fake and shoddy products led to the lack of integrity, so that the micro-business is almost equal to a liar. The second is the spread of spamming circle of friends is really undesirable, in order to 5% of the spread, to hurt 95% of fans, is tantamount to any media to kill the eggs.
Through the community, focusing on personal interests, filtering out the real connections and quality products that suit their own circle of friends, and thus forming their own way to start their own business with the lowest cost, is the most basic logic of the community e-commerce and also represents the future trend. China‘s biggest business opportunity is demographic dividend, this outlet, at least you can continue for another 20 years. Really do not need to throw away the heavily guilty of debt to start a business, as long as you can understand yourself.
How can I understand myself?
I always think that community e-commerce is not an opportunity for low-cost and low-quality goods because the speed of community communication is the most direct and efficient, and the distinction between advantages and disadvantages is the fastest. The logic of "selling inventory by using micro channels" can only be temporary Behavior, used to test the product is the right long-term business rules.
Therefore, not suitable for the community e-commerce is the bottom of the social circle of people, but each circle in the most adept at business contacts. Community must be a word of mouth to test a person, so the more people at the top of the value chain, the more suitable for community entrepreneurship, of course, the premise is a certain amount of time and effort.
Ordinary people to see the community business, is a simple micro-business, or product agents. In fact, there are many tips. In the product screening, if you do not blindly pursue low-cost, but to share their own products to use, from the concept of removing quick success, will not be "bad money get rid of good coins." In terms of marketing communication, inaccurate dissemination is the main cause of harassment. Through targeted communication within the community, it can reduce information pollution by 90% and is more suitable for e-commerce.
To achieve these two premise is that their own knowledge, around the individual and business professional community analysis, and only fully understand themselves, to make fewer mistakes. The author of this article has long been devoted to the study of community and individual businesses. He has a methodological and practical case study of "community self-portraits." Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs interested in this topic are welcome to discuss this topic.